No Fuss No Muss Online Lingerie Shopping

This is for anyone who loves lingerie but is sick and tired of the repeated styles that we are seeing flooding amazon ebay and even the local lingerie and sexy stores and boutiques Here is a simple guide for you: 1- Visit Canada’s sexiest lingerie store offering the latest in European trends and designs (Temptations […]

Boudoir Advocates United.. What is that?

BAU (or Boudoir Advocates United) is a boudoir advocacy body that is implementing a regulatory board that would oversee the Boudoir Photography Industry to elevate and mainstream the niche. It was created by renowned Boudoir Photographers AmberLee Fuller and Brad Walsh. It is imperative as a community of artists, that our community’s framework which guides our […]

Witchy Woman

There is something about the supernatural that is very sexy. You and your partner may actually experiment with herbal formulas, spells and other types of white magic to enhance your sex life, but even if you are not that committed, incorporating elements of the supernatural world can really spice up in your relationship. If you […]

Jenny’s Adventures

Too late. It was in that very moment, she was reminded that she had forgotten to put panties… Jenny shrugged, this couldn’t possibly be happening to her? She smiled and adjusted her position when she noticed a stranger, a middle age woman that sat across from the older lady staring at her. She wanted to […]

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