Witchy Woman

There is something about the supernatural that is very sexy. You and your partner may actually experiment with herbal formulas, spells and other types of white magic to enhance your sex life, but even if you are not that committed, incorporating elements of the supernatural world can really spice up in your relationship.

If you are fascinated by the supernatural and how it can ramp up your sex life, you might want try role playing ideas like pretending that you are a witch or warlock. You can pretend to cast a love spell, hypnotize one another to make your partner conform to your will or use potions to make your love making more intense.

Whether these spells and potions actually work or not, the brain can be a very powerful tool in elevating the love making experience. There is also the element of having sex with someone who is in touch with otherworldly beings and concepts which makes things even steamier.

Partners can get into the spirit of things by wearing clothing that evokes an element of the supernatural incorporating plenty of lace, silks, satins, bell sleeves and witchy hats. They should also take on alluring personality that captures the spirit of someone who is in touch with a darker world.

Whether this type of role play remains one of the sex role playing character ideas you use in your relationship, or whether you want to take this to the next level to actually make spells and potions is up to you. Either way, this type of activity will add some mystery to your relationship that is sure to make things even more exciting in the bedroom.

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