Heel or Kneel, Why not Both?


Womanhood is many things. It is as diverse as the people who identify with it. however, a popular staple of what we are shown in the performance of womanhood. The things such as clothes, accessories, jobs, and hobbies that are seen and believed to be more feminine are what we are told will set us apart as women.

That in itself is controversial but today, I’m here to focus on one particular clothing item. Heels. Be it stilettos or pumps, booties or boots, heels are perhaps a crowning staple of what we consider to be feminine. Unlike most things considered feminine, however, Heels over time have been associated with power and strength. The idea of being daring and bold. It is no surprise that many women will choose to have at least a single neutral-toned pair in their wardrobes.

Power moves or not, the reason why we are exploring heels today are because of the undeniable appeal they add to every outfit, including lingerie. For example, a simple brunch romper or jumpsuit can be glammed up when you switch from sandals or flats to stilettos. This means as sexy as your lingerie outfit is, those heels are going to bring an even sexier layer to it.

Like lingerie, heels are a great confidence booster, helping you to fit into whatever theme you chose to adopt for sexy time fun. Heels bring a power component to your attitude and look especially helpful for those interested in playing the role of dom. It is also a fun and helpful addition when shooting boudoir. For shorter individuals’ heels are a great way to polish an outfit that may not be sitting right due to the length giving off an awkward look, simply by creating an illusion of extending the length of your leg.

Themes are open. The great thing about heels is they come in different styles which means you are able to switch up based on your decide theme, fetish or style. More options are always a plus when spicing up the bedroom.

Next time you buy lingerie in Canada stores or buy lingerie online in Canada add on a matching pair of heels for a great look!

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