How to Buy Lingerie for Your Woman

That special day is coming up…maybe it’s a holiday, maybe it’s a birthday or an anniversary…and for once, you think you have the perfect gift idea in mind; sexy lingerie. You know your woman will love feeling sexy in the lingerie you give her and will enjoy her gift very much.

But when you go to the store to buy sexy lingerie, you stop dead in your tracks. There are so many styles and colors. Which ones will she prefer…and what was her size again???

Well, if you are thinking of buying sexy lingerie for your significant other, here are some things to keep in mind.

Her Style: The first thing you will want to consider is her personal style. Is your woman wild, sweet and sultry, flirty and sexy? This will help you decide if you want to buy kinky lingerie, naughty lingerie or something frilly and feminine.

Simplicity: Some lingerie has a lot of bells and whistles. Suspenders, stocking and more are all things that may make the lingerie more erotic, but it may also be too much for your lady to deal with. Instead, you might opt for something simple like a lingerie teddy or babydoll that is easy to put on and take off and really focuses on her.

Texture: Every woman loves the feel of something soft on her skin. Make sure the lingerie you buy her is irresistibly silky to provide an experience that is sensual and erotic. If course, if you are in the market for fetish lingerie, leather and vinyl will be preferred but most women will enjoy a quality material that makes them feel terrific,

Color: When going into any lingerie store, you may be distracted by eye catching colors like bright reds and pinks. Even though you may be drawn to these colors, they may not be your partner’s favorites. Think of the colors she likes as well as those that go with her skin tone. If in doubt, black is always a safe choice.

Size: There is nothing worse than buying lingerie for your woman and finding it doesn’t fit. Talk about ruining the moment! Be sure to come to the lingerie store knowing her measurements. If you are in doubt, and don’t want to ask her because you want your purchase to be a surprise, see if you can sneak one of her bra and panty sets out of her wardrobe. Then ask the sale person what sizes they think will work best.

Shopping for lingerie for your significant other can be challenging to say the least. Hopefully these tips will be help you to make the best choice. Good luck finding the sexy lingerie she will love.

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