How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

If you are going to buy sexy lingerie, you want to make sure it is suited for your body type. After all, lingerie is made to make you look irresistible and flattering pieces will be best in achieving this goal.

This guide was created to help you find the right lingerie no matter what your body type might be. Read on to find out which pieces are right for you.

Hour Glass: If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass shape, almost any type of lingerie will work. However, garter belts, teddy lingerie and corsets are recommended. A sexy bra and thong panty set can also be ideal.

Triangle: Today, many women aspire to a shape where the hips and butt are accentuated. If you have such a shape, complement it by wearing babydoll lingerie that fits tightly around the breasts but flows out around the hips. A bustier is also a good choice because it will accentuate your breasts helping to balance your thighs.

Rectangle: Women with rectangle body shapes may need erotic lingerie that adds curves and definition. A corset is great for achieving this effect as it accentuates the breasts and waistline. Push up bras can also be great for drawing attention to the breasts.

Inverted Triangle: An inverted triangle body shape is characterized by broad shoulders. One piece lingerie with a halter neck will be your best bet as it will break the line of your upper body making for a more proportionate look. If you need to create the illusion of curves on the bottom, sexy teddy lingerie will help divert attention from this area.

Round: A round body type will have a rounded waist and torso that is much wider than the hip area. A negligee that hides your waistline and defines your bust will be a good choice. One piece lingerie that has a corset top will also be ideal for cinching in the waist and providing the illusion of curves.

Now that you know which type of lingerie is right for your body, you are ready to buy sexy lingerie that your partner will not be able to resist. What pieces do you feel work best for you?

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