Jenny’s Adventure’s

“sorry, Hun. It’s time for me to go.” His voice was clear in her ear as she felt the finger slip out, denying her an orgasm.

She had to fight to hold in a plea for him to stay. Once she felt his body heat leave, she looked up to find it was her stop as well. Frantic she took her briefcase and hit the bell o alert the transit driver. Jumping out she made her way into the street, rushing not to mess up her very first day at work. She sighed, the breeze was rubbing against her exposed clit and sending pleasure up her spine but inducing more frustration from her lack of release.

Finally, she stumbled into the office a minute before opening hours. Doing her best to appear casual she punched herself in and smoothed her appearance. “Oh good, Jenifer’s here.”

She turned to find the manager of operations, Steve staring lustfully at her, what a creep. She smiled through her teeth, “Its Jenny, sir.” Making the same correction she had a dozen times since the initial interview.

“right, right. Silly name if you ask me.” He said in the most pompous voice before turning to face the entryway he had come from. “You will need to drop down to HR and submit some files after that feel free to get settled in. I believe they have a new person starting today as well.”

Nodding she made her excuses and walked away. Careful to pull the fringe of her skirt down to avoid anyone finding out about her faux pas. Walking into the HR department she put on her best smile and got to work on filling out all the paperwork assigned to her. When she was done, she was directed to a desk to drop the files off. Following the instructions, she placed the files and turned to leave.

“See you tomorrow morning.” Turning at the sound of the sensuously familiar voice she stood face to face with the man from the transit, just her luck!

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