Jenny’s Adventures

Too late. It was in that very moment, she was reminded that she had forgotten to put panties…

Jenny shrugged, this couldn’t possibly be happening to her? She smiled and adjusted her position when she noticed a stranger, a middle age woman that sat across from the older lady staring at her. She wanted to speak, alert her, or any one of the possible assault that was taking place. She squirmed as she felt the hand slide up her leg, and brush lightly against the lips of her pussy. She couldn’t believe it. she was wet!

She wasn’t the only one surprised by this development, the hand retreated in shock and returned back, almost like an afterthought. Jenny knew this had always been a fantasy of hers to experience something so explicit in public. However, She had near really expected to feel this way.

The hand that returned was now rubbing up against her clit while a second hand carved the bottom of her ass, kneading them slowly and patiently, giving her the feeling that whoever possessed these hands was, in fact, a very experienced lover.

“mhm,” she stifled a moan into the back of her throat. The only thing worse than being turned on by this situation would be getting exposed to this situation. She bucked her knees as the fingers that expertly felt her clit, snuck into her vagina holes, she felt her wetness cover him, “shit”. She heard his voice for the first time, it was soft and yet very sexy in a commanding manner. Like his hands, it spoke of little physical labor, but a lot of power. Her imagination only seemed to turn her on, even more, making her rub into the fingers as the stroked her, she could feel her orgasm build, but in that second, she heard a ding.

“sorry hun. Its time for me to go.” His voice was clear in her ear as she felt the finger slip out, denying her an orgasm.

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