Jenny’s adventures.


Jenny felt a hand on her bottom, she gasped! The old lady who had taken her seat moments before stared up at her quizzically. She simply shook her head, hoping that the brush had been a mistake, and a reaction to the jerk of the bus moving.

She sighed out in relief when she noted that the hand had stayed still. She smiled t herself, doing her best to fix her hair in the short minutes she had before reaching her destination. As soon as she smoothed a loose strand, she noticed the train had filled up a little more, and the man who had accidently brushed her was now pressed against her back, and oding his best doing isis crotch against her ass. She sighed in frustration, flipping her wrist up she searched the watch to note how much time she had left: 7 minutes. Damn. She sighed, deciding to deal with this later. As the train moved from spot to spot, she could feel the crotch lodged between her cheeks grow in size. And what a size it was!

She cooed, snapping her hands to her wrist she searched discreetly to see if anyone noticed her sigh of pleasure at the feeling of a hung penis rubbing against her soft ass cheeks. The man who stood behind her seemed to take her sigh as permission and continued to rub against her skirt some more. She shook her head, this couldn’t possibly be happening to her? But it was.

The hand hat had brushed her ass returned but this time, the fingers made their way below her skirt and unto her thighs, and slowly but with purpose, up to her crotch! She blushed, why did his hands seem so soft and yet manly, she shook her head, this wasn’t right.

Too late. It was in that very moment, she was reminded that she had forgotten to put panties…

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