Jenny’s adventures.


Jenny had many thoughts while getting ready for her new job that morning, would her boss like her, would she mess up that day, as she often did when she felt under pressure, or would she, in fact, get fired for reasons that were out of her control, like her old job at the jewelry shop.

The truth was she counted herself truly lucky, she was twenty-three, had just graduated college with a humanities degree and now had about three years of customer service experience under her belt, mostly because she’d been lucky enough to walk into the jewelry store moments before the “help wanted” sign had gone up. She also knew her voluptuous figure had played a greater role in securing the job.

Staring at the mirror she traced her Double D breast lightly, her nipples hardened as they often did with the least amount of pressure, she sighed thinking about the old man who ran the store. She had often caught him sneaking a peek at her breast while she pretended to be concentrating on her work. He had even gone so far as to sneak a feel here, and there. Always light and followed with a blushing apology. She chuckled to herself now, he was lucky she was such a horn dog, or she probably would have filed a lawsuit against him.

Shaking off the memory she quickly put on her skirt suit, looking at her watch she gasped, she was going to be late on her first day! Rushing quickly, she made her way out of the house and into the subway. Stepping into the middle ramp, she watched as the already busy train, flooded with more people, she smiled, happy to have gotten a seat, when she noticed the older woman struggling to adjust while standing. Sighing and hoping for good karma she smiled at the lady and offered her seat, they exchanged pleasantries and the train set off on its way. But what happened next was wildly unexpected…

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